Short stay in Sweden for Christmas

Swedish Christmas

We normally go to Rome and the “Nonnis” (the Grandparents) for the holidays, but this year we decided to spend Christmas at home since it’s been a while.

Who needs sleep? PARENTS DO!!

Tired mom on a sofa

When I think back of the baby-toddler-time, I think of SLEEP. Or rather the lack of it. They say that babies’ sleep can be of varying quality in the first years but usually stabilizes around the age of three. Here’s our case.

How the hell did we make it??

Mom and dad in bed with kid

“Do you see what I’m seeing?”, the nurse asked in the dark screening room at week 12 check-up.

“Wow, look at that! The baby is moving in there!”, we answered (we didn’t “see” anything).

“Well… there are TWO of them”.