I’m Madeleine and live in Sweden with my Italian husband and our two kids.  I love to travel. It’s my passion in life, to go to new places and experience the food, culture, people… Every opportunity we get, we go to someplace warm and sunny – preferably with a beach.  I grew up in the south of Sweden, where winter is not worth calling a winter since the snow (when it finally comes)  doesn’t stay for long. The summers have been quite unpredictable in the last years, but this summer has been terrific. No rain for 4 months and sun, sun, sun!  This is probably another sign of the climate changes which of course worries me.

I became a mom at 35, to our wonderful twin boys. They are turning 5 this winter – and these 5 years have been somehow a roller-coaster ride!

I’ve started this blog mainly for two reasons:

ONE – to tell my story as a mom and unveil some insights with the intention of helping other parents struggling with the same issues as we did.

TWO – I’ve been thinking of writing a diary for memories sake, but never actually got started.

The twins are not much like –  this is difficult sometimes since we cannot treat them or handle their issues the same way. But it also gives an understanding of what is inherited and what is not. For instance, one of them is more Italian and the other is more Swedish, this is really funny! ( i.e. the Italian has had the body language since he was a baby, and is more Italian overall =)

I guess I will be sharing other thoughts as well, about things that interest me. So you might read about the climate and other things concerning the world, as well as more spiritual stuff like yoga and other tools to keep a balanced mind.